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I called Twisted Metal two weeks before I needed finished product
installed – three 6’ tall manufactured steel directory signs. My plans
were incomplete and we changed the quantity on them at the last
minute. Not only did Kerry and Scott coordinate the specialty
outsourcing, but they improved on my original design and still managed
to get all three pieces produced, powder-coated and installed on
time.  Fit and finish: perfect. Price: well below the larger specialty
sign and monument companies. And despite the VERY abbreviated time-
frame, they never cussed at me once.

John Chase
Adventure Christian Church
Roseville, CA

Just want to let you know how happy and pleased clients are with the railings.
Appreciate the excellent workmanship and getting the design completed for
Steve and Kathleen Moore.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Lajra Design Consultant
Gate looks great.  
Thank you so much,
and please thank
Scott and the other
guys too!  Take care,
HI Scott and Kerry,

It was nice seeing both of you this morning.  Jesse and I were so pleased with the
railing.  It was awesome seeing the sketch transformed into the real thing.  It was
beautiful. We are looking forward to having it installed.  Thanks again.

Allan and Jesse
Scott and Kerry,

I just wanted to let you
know how much we love
the iron supports you
made for us.  They are
GORGEOUS!  I can't stop
looking at them (and I'm
looking around the house
thinking, where can we put
more of these?!).  The
craftsmanship is just
amazing.  We will send a
picture when they are

Thank you!

Christy and Ashley Mitchell
Thank you Scott for you and your staff's incredible service and workmanship.
I will recommend you to anyone and if you would like a formal letter for
your web site,let me know. I can really write a bunch of B.S. anyone would
swallow!!! LOL

Anyway, seriously, you folks are the best! I mean dealing with me with your
patience is customer service squared. And hard to do,too!

Stan Goman
"Our new porch cover is AWESOME...great job, great service, timely installation...and, just before
the BIG storm. THANK YOU for a fabulous job. Timing is everything!"

V. Kirk
comments = Hi Everybody,
My name is Brad Callander, and I am
just starting out as a steel artist, after
spending 10 plus years as a structural
steel fitter/welder. Anyway, I was just
surfing the net looking at other
people's work, and found your
website. WOW was about all I could
say. The work you guys do is nothing
short of amazing.It is very high quality
craftsmanship. I can see the type and
quality of work that I look forward to
doing. Thanks for the inspiration.
Brad Callander
Callander Custom Weld
Cambridge,Ontario, Canada